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Hair Tissue Minerals & Toxic Metals Test

Hair Tissue Minerals & Toxic Metals Test

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The HTMA test indicates essential mineral levels and any toxic metal levels present in the body. The ratios between minerals tell a story of how the body is attempting to balance itself. This is indicative of how well your organs can perform all of their functions. 

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  • Nutrient Minerals

    - Calcium

    - Magnesium

    - Sodium

    - Potassium

    - Iron

    - Copper

    - Manganese

    - Zinc

    - Chromium

    - Selenium

    - Phosphorus

  • Toxic Metals

    - Lead

    - Mercury

    - Cadmium

    - Arsenic

    - Aluminum

  • Additional Minerals

    - Nickel

    - Cobalt

    - Molybdenum

    - Lithium

    - Boron

A Whole System Approach

This test is helpful to understand the 'big picture' by making the subtle connections that occur within our body's complex system. Through data and analysis, we can take a preventative and predictive approach to nutritional balancing.