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Hormones & Cortisol Test

Hormones & Cortisol Test

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ZRT Male / Female Blood & Saliva Comprehensive Profile II focuses on sex hormones levels, and thyroid function.
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  • Salivary Steroids

    - Morning Cortisol

    - Noon Cortisol

    - Evening Cortisol

    - Night Cortisol

  • Blood Spot Steroids (LC-MS/MS) & Other Analytes

    - Estradiol

    - Progesterone

    - Ratio: Pg/E2

    - Testosterone

    - SHBG

    - DHEAS

  • Blood Spot Thyroids

    - Free T4

    - Free T3

    - TSH

    - TPOab

A Whole System Approach

This test is helpful to understand the 'big picture' by making the subtle connections that occur within our body's complex system. Through data and analysis, we can take a preventative and predictive approach to nutritional balancing.